Dancing to my Tunes


Prayer, pleasure, happiness, grace, speed, precision, science, math, art, exercise, beauty, respect, love.

Imagine every one of these emotions drift by you in 2 seconds. That’s what dance feels like to me. I’m humbled by the capabilities a person can push himself to with discipline. Married to an athlete, I understand the amount of love and dedication it requires to keep our body going. I think of my body as a stubborn little child. Hungry for food, lazy to move around, longing for pampering and being forced to be something she never wants to be (thin!)

Body image today has done nothing but make us hate the way we are. It forces us to ignore the heart and becomes slaves of fashion magazines and movies.
The only one word that truly defines the person I am – Dancer. I love the physical exertion, the seductive eyes and the dialogue I share with God with every muscle in my body. Those 5 minutes and nothing else make me feel like the woman that I truly am. We as humans love to be appreciated. Dance lets me experience that in people’s eyes. The growth of a girl into a woman is sketched out so beautifully in every form of dance.

Art and artists for generations have appreciated women in their most curvaceous forms. A dancer uses her eyes to engage, fingers to describe, torso  to emote and hips to communicate. Every artist has tried to capture the very essence of a woman through painting, music and dance. How has body image managed to ruin the true beauty of a woman and driven her to believe that ‘size Zero’ is the route to ultimate happiness.

I will live my life in gratitude and thankfulness to my parents for having introduced me to a beautiful life of a dancer. The best gift a mother gives her child is the art to love herself. My mom truly defined that for me.


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