Keep it Simple

Yup…Its gonna be 27 years since I set foot on this earth (well not literally).

The past year has had a bunch of great and not so great moments. But I’m filled with optimism and positivity as I stand on the cusp of my 26th and 27th year. 

Times are changing and so are we. Our emotions and expressions were reduced to Facebook statuses a few years back and now, they are trapped in little smiley emojis. 

Happiness is a bountiful emotion. It’s when I laugh so loud that I scare the person sitting next to me. Stories are hilarious when they make me grunt and laugh at the same time. Laughter that hurts my tummy and pushes me to a point where I don’t know if I’m laughing or crying!

Now we’v combined all these emotions and made a ‘LOL’ and an ‘ROFL’ out of it. 

As a dancer, I was groomed to put myself out there.  To let every emotion flow and to not hold back one bit. In exchange my audience applauds my performance. How disheartening would it be to wait for my audience to just click on a ‘Like’ button at the end of a show. 

Your not actually at a place unless you ‘Check In’. Your dressing up is really not worth the effort unless you Instagram a ‘Selfie’. In the battle between real and virtual worlds we are missing out on the tiny things that give us big smiles. 

My blog is my diary of thought that I think are appropriate enough to share with the world. So before my 27th birthday, Im going to list out things that make me happy/ ecstatic/ over excited!! I don’t know what life has in store for us. So I want to make a record in my blog that, back in the day, I did actually feel things.

So here goes….Occurrences that make me wanna sing and whistle. Things that involve all my 6 senses and make me want to LOL and ROFL and be like WTF every time I feel them.

# The sense of achievement when you crack a perfect yolk on a pan. Its an act that determines the quality of my day. Its the feeling that makes the taste so so much better.

# The smell of sweat after a long, hard workout accompanied by a big sip of cold water. Its when adrenaline and endorphin are jumping around hand in hand. Indescribable high! 

# When an old friend calls and reminds you of a crazy time you’ll shared together. The conversation begins with “remember the time when…..” and end with stomach gripping laughter.

# When you find an old notebook and find little notes written on the last page of the book. Its particularly awesome when you find a conversation between you and a friend about the class bitch!

# A smudge-free, blotch-free stroke of my eyeliner on attempt number one. I always take a victory sip after that one. Sipping a drink while dressing up is one of my favorite things to do. 

# I have a series of car situations that I pray happen to me at least once in my life.
a) I turn on the car and have the ultimate dance number playing
b) I get 2 or more green traffic lights in a row
c) Get a parking spot right by the mall entrance. Awesome!!

# Your friend cracks you up and you laugh so hard that your beverage/food comes out of your nose. (thats an undisputed ROFL moment)

# When you feel a raw, unrestricted expression of love. Hugs so tight that you cant breath. When you have a 100000 things to say but all you want to do is just hug and let yourself feel it. 
Its always overwhelming when I see my dogs. I let them push me down and kiss me, lick me, scratch me as much as they want. Its when I hear them cry in happiness.

# Skip a meal and then go bonkers on the next meal. Place an order big enough to feed a village and smile innocently at the server. Such satisfaction!

# When a random stranger compliments you. No number of ‘Facebook likes’ are comparable to that feeling. Its particularly cool when this happens in a foreign land. Feels like acceptance wrapped in appreciation 🙂 

# When you are nearing the end of a book and plan to read it again just so you don’t have to let go.

# You open your fridge to a bottle of Nutella and promise yourself to stop after one spoon.
Note: Make funny noises as you eat it…I promise it tastes better.

# After 10000 attempts of one dance step and you finally get it right. Aaahhhhh!!!….It makes you want to dance all night.

# Watch a chick flick and theres no one watching you. Its the perfect moment to bawl your eyes out with no judgement.

# The fragrance of mustard, curry leaves and red chilly popping in hot oil. Its like south India knocking on my door.

# Reciting every dialogue of Andaz Apna Apna scene by scene, shot by shot. (I even know the pauses.) I secretly judge people who dislike the movie or worse…..have never watched it. (WHAAAAT??)

# Finding an old picture of myself. When my fashion sense was a -2 on a scale of 1 to 10. When facial hair was the least of my worries. And when I waited a month for the film roll to be cleaned.

# Finding money I never knew was lost. What a fantabulous moment!

# Feeling greedy for the last few crumbs of Oman Chips! I’v torn multiple packets while trying to pick up every last bit of it. There is never enough Oman Chips in the world.

# Singing really really loud in your car like no one else exists. Its hilarious when you catch people staring at you at a traffic light. 

Thats my incomplete list of simple pleasures in life. 

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters. – Audrey Hepburn