When Pruple Expressions met Violet Hues

Ever given a shot to something you are extremely skeptical about? Last week I took the leap and attended ‘The Journey of Consciousness’; a talk about the deeper aspects of the mind and the soul (yup, I am one of those…) I had a couple of reasons to attend the talk. The important one being the speaker, Natesh Shetty, my childhood buddy.

Violet Hues is a healing center run by Natesh and his wife Dr. Sushmita Gowri. They specialize in hypnotherapy, energy healing, DNA theta healing amongst other therapy methodologies. So now amongst all other fancy professions, I also have a healer as one of my closest friends 🙂

So like most people are after a talk like this, I expected to feel renewed, moved and inspired. But I felt none of these. I expected to now start believing in hypnotherapy and Past life regression therapy but I am still skeptical. All I felt was a every deep and honest admiration for MYSELF. I felt like a director would feel when he spots talent for the 1st time.

The brain is an immensely brilliant organ and its manifestation (i.e. thoughts) can determine every single aspect of our existence. Throughout the talk, I kept thinking about how little of this immense capacity we use. We have heard for years that positive thinking and the power of the mind can even heal physical injury. If thats true, we should be able to physically measure this change. Masaru emoto,  a Japanese author, experimented with healing of water with positive thinking. 

Masaru Emoto simply spoke words of love and chanted prayers to water samples from different lakes and rivers. The findings of his experiment were astonishing. The water samples crystallized to form beautiful hexagonal shapes.  

Masaro goes on to explain that if this is the influence of positive healing on water samples and humans comprise of 70% water, the possibilities of healing the human mind through positive thoughts are endless. 

Its a beautiful thought and Masaro theory restores so much faith in my heart that I could manage a difficult situation myself through just my thoughts 

Many have challenged his findings and labeled it pseudoscience. But with all my heart, I want Masaro’s theory to be proved right. 

Our brains are programmed to continuously store data. Good or bad, every thought gets ingrained in our system. So how much of this can we control and alter? 

When I was in college, my roommate Srishti and I did this thing called the ‘crazy dance’. Everytime we felt dull, bummed, annoyed or just bored, we would turn on the silliest playlist of songs and throw our hands and legs in the air. It was ridiculous, hilarious and looked nothing like dance. Anyone who saw us would think we were electrocuted. But nothing in the world equaled the stomach clenching laughter that followed every single time. We’d look at each other innovative moves and burst out uncontrollably. When I look back now, I like to think of ‘crazy dance’ as a forceful positive healing experience. And what could be more healing than dance? 

With so much happening around us everyday in our lives, its hard to always keep ourselves positive. So I have begun a little experiment myself. Every morning, I pin up a positive quote, a joke, a picture or anything that makes me smile. I think about it consciously for 5 minutes and those 5 mins make a huge difference in the way I feel through the day. 

Of Course there is no way to prove if my experiment is science, pseudoscience or just hokum but I think it works for me. After those 5 minutes in the morning I feel like I have control about how I will feel and think through the day. If my brain is going to store every piece of info it is exposed to, I would like to believe that I can monitor what it takes in and what it leaves out.  

Our brain is so advanced and capable that it can weave a complex intertwined web of thoughts in a few seconds. As much as we want to give our thoughts direction, the mind wavers between so many past experiences and influences that it becomes hard to focus. 

Brainmap in a few seconds

Through my experiment, I am attempting to give my thoughts a positive pattern. It is said that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit (maybe another myth!). And so I am going to keep at it.  I don’t know if this will work for me in any way at the end of 21 days. But I will always carry with me the thought that I stuck with a positive habit for 21 days. Its important that every one of us feels empowered and in control of our thoughts. The method we choose doesn’t have to be scientifically proven or even acceptable to the world. 

 Here is the beautiful thought I started my day with. Take a deep breath, read the words and let the water in your body soak in the positivity of each and every word. 

“Ideas are the mightiest influence on earth. 

One great thought breathed into a man may 

regenerate him.”

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