My Pretty Cloth Bag

A month long sabbatical and it’s been a writer block ever since. 2 days back, in an attempt to get back to my schedule I went for my dance class. It was almost like magic. I felt like my systems went through a reboot. I guess what a vacation does for most people, a rigorous dance lesson does for me. So here I am, unclogged of all the blocks and back to my blogging self. 

I typed out this post 2 years back. April 10th 2013 to be precise. Still new to my life in Oman and very pissed off with how casually we live disconnected from the world’s problems here. This weekends Y magazine reminded me of my post and how strongly I feel for this cause.

You could catch me on a day at the mall without my cell phone but im always with my Pretty Cloth Bag 🙂  

My Pretty Cloth Bag

I luv the confused look I get from a bag packer at a store when I say ‘I have my own bag’. It’s like i’m asking him to give up his job at gunpoint. I’ve even noticed cashiers smirk at me when all my stuff doesn’t fit into my cloth bag. Its like a ‘Ha Ha…I told u so’ face. There have been times when packers have put my pretty cloth shopping bag into a plastic bag and given it to me. So much for environmental awareness.  Give it a minute and watch the packing trend we follow here. There is a new bag for every 2 items!

Once I get myself out of the store I always meet cynics who think there is a perpetual comments box available to them “How does it matter?..Everyone does it anyway!”.  “This is an oil rich country..who cares” and of course my favorite “You’re just doing it because you think it’s fashionable!” WHAT?!!!

I wish it were fashion because then more people would be doing it. 

I spent a whole month in Gurgaon and I was blown away by how successfully india has managed to almost completely stop the use of plastic bags. Carrying a cloth bag of your own or just condensing all your purchases to one single bag can make a huge difference.

Reduce your use of plastic.
Recycle the plastic that you can.
Reuse the bags that you already have.
And now REFUSE to use plastic bags on your next shopping trip

Stay Green! 🙂  

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