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I have a big announcement. Purple Expressions now has its own www address! I finally have an identity of my own on the interweb. From blogger to wordpress has been a fantastic changeover. Moving to wordpress is like I have moved into a nicer, cleaner neighbourhood with trimmed hedges and paved paths 🙂

I agree that my blog has been getting step motherly treatment over the past few months. Thankfully, I have a valid reason and proof to back me up here. I have  begun writing a new blog. Specific to dance, dancer fitness, diet, habits and any other information dancers might need will be available on this blog.  So here’s what I have been ‘actively’ upto over the past few months.

Like everything else in life now we make tech choices. Which phone to buy, which blog server suits us best, what apps to download, which IOS suits us the most etc. It’s been such a seamless addition to our lives and today we discuss it just as easily as we make food choices.

Lets face it…technology is overwhelming. Having said that, I cant talk enough of about how much stuff there is available to us for free. So many platforms just waiting to hear our voices and our opinions.

We review movies, food, clothes, places and even people. We score them on a scale of 5 and now it is hard to even operate without checking on product reviews 1st. Even though I sound like I’m complaining, I am really not. I am a sucker for all this information that is out there. It has changed the way we approach experiences. There is no getting away with bad customer service now because there are about 5000 people waiting to review your performance. My mom says that we are a generation of complacent buyers who spend our money on things we don’t need. That might be true but I feel, we are also a generation that knows a lot more about the investments we make.

You know how all of us worry that we are going to turn into our parents one day. When I am on a holiday I feel like a replica of my dad. I like to go for a holiday well informed, researched and ready with my lists just like he did. So amongst all other travel essentials I usually have a list prepped and a phone full of apps that I will need through the trip. Here is  a cheat sheet of the apps i’m currently hooked on to.

TripIt – Travel FolderJIpUGS9b

If you are like me your trip is going to include multiple flights and multiple hotel bookings. TripIt is an app designed to creepily get into your e-mail and put all your booking together in one place. After u get oer the initial shock of how much information it can access from your e-mail, you will learn to love it.

TripAdvisor – All you needTripadvisor-Logo-nw1

I like TripAdvisor for multiple uses. Its got unbiased reviews on hotels and places to see that will help you plan your trip better. While on holiday, use the near me feature and it will point you to the closest local bar/ restaurant etc. We’ve found some of the best local food through this app.

AirBnB – Find a Homeairbnb_logo_belo-e667b29a12efd71cf46c77a3527c8fb8

Skeptical at 1st, but after using AirBnb at 4 different locations I have come to love the experience it offers. It almost feels boring to stay at a hotel now. Getting to know the host and enjoying some local hospitality adds a new local flavour to your holiday. 

Yelp – All that fuss about foodyelp_og_image

On my last trip to New York I had to go through my list of the best Ramen in town, the best rooftop bars, the best pizza, the best cupcake and the best anything available around. YELP help me build those lists. It’s the best food review App I have come across. It works best in the US though. Zomato is an equivalent to that for India, Dubai and London.  

Xe Currency – Let’s talk moneyxe currency app icon

If you are quick at math, you can give this one a skip. I usually have an absolutely blank face staring at the sale staff while I do the mental currency conversion. So this app saves me the embarrassment. As an added advantage it allows you to convert to multiple currencies at the same time.

Uber – Get Arounduber-logo

Hasn’t Uber completely changed the way we see a new city? No more asking for directions or struggling to stop a cab. We even used the Uber fare share feature on our trip to the US and it automatically divided the cost of the journey between me and my friend.

I absolutely love taking the train while on holiday so my travel is usually split between train time and Uber time. Most cities with trains have an app that you can download to see the train schedule and follow the map.

Trip splitter – Pay up!mzl.plhyohcw

The best app to manage your finances while you are on a  holiday with friends. Just get your friends on the same holiday list and it splits all costs amongst the group. It saves you the awkwardness of splitting small bills through the holiday.

Do let me know if you have come across any other Apps that I have missed out. Happy Holidays!

One thought on “The Appy Traveler

  1. This is not one better than other but just few names
    Splitwise – similar to Trip Splitter
    GoogleNow does a lot of TripIt stuff
    GoogleMaps has a caching feature for local maps – comes handy especially if you are out of your home country,
    Waze has some good features as well


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